About Dream of Hearts

Dream of Hearts is a reimagining of Kingdom Hearts that casts Sora as an errant dreamer, journeying to many worlds in the confines of sleep.


—0— first dream.
—1— Chapter One.
—2— Chapter Two.
—3— Chapter Three.
—4— Chapter Four.



Age: 14
A young man who lives on the Destiny Islands. Lazy and easygoing, he has a much more active imagination than body, much to the chagrin of those around him. On the other hand, his bravery and compassion will easily get the better of him in times of trouble.


Age: 15
Sora’s best friend since kindergarten, who has been besting him in every subject for as long as they can remember, not that either of them actively care. He puts up a front of confidence, but he mostly just feels responsible for his friends.


Age: 14
A tomboy who moved to the islands when she was six years old, much to Sora’s delight and Riku’s relative indifference. She has an interest in arts and crafts, and all sorts of esoteric matters to the side. Sora has never met her family.


Age: 33
Sora’s stay-at-home mother, who earns extra money on the side by fixing clothing and toys. She loves her son beyond anything else and tries to keep him happy.