About Disconnect

Disconnect, set in an alternate continuity from the main series, follows the adventure of Eva, a Keyblade wielder chosen by the Foretellers in the days before the Keyblade War.


Age: 15
Former post clerk, Eva is one of many young people chosen to wield the Keyblade in the age of fairy-tales. Though not necessarily outgoing, and while not the bravest swords–woman, she is determined to do right by others.


Age: 14
Shuu is the sun of a mechanic and used to spend his days on the shop floor negotiating with customers. As a result he’s a little high–strung, and prepared to assert his knowledge whenever necessary, but strives to achieve what is asked of him all the same.


Age: 16
A wielder who becomes Eva’s acquaintance despite an unofficial ban against inter-Union friendships. Baby-faced Halvard loves playing games of heroes and villains, and leapt at the chance to wield the Keyblade.