Atlas W.   11 months ago
+Jonah Simm OMG I can even imagine Sora and Dipper being attacked by Heartless and Sora is fighting them off while Dipper is looking through his book and learning about them and how to beat them, and then after Dipper looks through his book again and see a page talking about the Keyblades haha that would be awesome!

“So, what’s this town like?” asked Sora.

Dipper didn’t know what to make of the whole thing. Sora was way older than him, and way taller, and had kind of an imposing sense of fashion. (It also looked kinda stupid, but Dipper only had like one shirt so what grounds did he have to judge?)

He’d also walked up to Dipper in the middle of the forest without an explanation, introduced himself, and started asking questions as if he were just a regular tourist. A tourist who had somehow ended up at Gravity Falls without knowing where Gravity Falls was. Or Oregon, for that matter.

He seemed nice, though. “Well, you know, it’s just a normal town…” Dipper replied, not sure exactly where he should start. On the one hand Sora could be a totally normal guy. On the other hand he could be a monster in disguise. Dip’d met plenty. “There’s a town hall, and a museum, and a library… there’s a laser tag—”

“Sounds fun!” Sora chirped. “I guess I’ll have to go pay it a visit then.” He blinked, and looked around. “Which way?”

Dipper pointed to the west. Sora nodded, smiled, and headed off.

“What a weird guy,” Dipper muttered, and began walking to the Shack.

Two seconds later, he tripped over something on the ground and landed on his face with a thud. Pushing himself up, he looked up into a pair of big yellow eyes.

Dipper scrambled back. “What the heck is that!?”

The critter—a weird teddy-bearish black bug thing that was somehow his size—chittered cutely, then jumped. Dipper screeched.

“Hold on!” Sora’s voice echoed through the trees. “I got this!”

The strange bug found itself punted across the clearing, and Dipper got up and ran for a tree as fast as he could, peeling around it. He dropped his backpack on the floor and pulled out the battered Journal, tearing through its pages.

“What was that?” he mumbled, then paused, and lowered the book.

Big yellow eyes.

“What is that!?”

“Heartless!” yelled Sora from somewhere behind the tree, between a series of strange grunts that Dipper could only ascertain to mean he was fighting them. “Keep moving! And don’t let them jump you!”

“Okay!” Dipper peeled around the tree, running around the clearing as fast as his short legs would carry him. He opened the book again, now knowing what to look for. “Heartless, Heartless, come on—”

His hand stopped on a horned heart symbol. “—Heartless! Creatures born from the darkness of a heart. They come in many shapes and sizes, and many are branded with a strange sigil. They cannot be destroyed by conventional weapons; the only thing that can defeat them is a legendary weapon known as–”

Dipper skidded to a halt, looking at Sora. “We need to find the Keyblade!”

Sora paused mid-swing with the gold-and-silver key planted firmly in his grasp.

Dipper coughed. “Oh. Right. Carry on.”


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